For well over 20 years I’ve kept a person dairy; a sacred friend that I could always trust. A place where I laid bare my hurts, my desires and the imaginings of a lonely child. I have never really shared what I wrote- or drew- because what’s in those books is a deeper part of me that what the world sees, and I have jagged scars from confiding in the wrong people.

There is a girl I know, somehow who feels as deeply as I, who shares everything. She talks about her hurts, her desire to end all her pain, her anger and her self doubt- all the things I wish I could express, but just can’t. I both admire her honesty and openness, and shudder everytime she opens herself up. My courage is small, though my desire to be more honest is large.

My hopes for this blog, are to give myself an avenue of openness; somewhere I can share things I normally keep to myself, but still in a way that allows annomyity.


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